Ky Country Doodles

IF APPLYING FOR A PUPPY, Filling out an application DOES NOT guarantee you will get a puppy from us. We reserve the right to turn down any application if we feel that our puppy will not have the best possible home and be properly cared for (or) if we find out that you have provided ANY false information on this application. Additional references may be needed. If you are declined, you will get a notification via email and deposit will be refunded immediately . 

IF APPLYING FOR AN ADULT AND YOU ARE APPROVED, there will be a 30 day probation period beginning from the time he/she leaves our possession. If at any time during this 30 day time period the dog is found to be neglected, abused or having a hard time adapting (unhappy) we reserve the right to repossess the dog along with all paperwork and the "new owner" MAY be refunded the adoption fee minus any cost incurred by breeder to repossess the dog. Our dogs who have been Abused and/or neglected will NOT BE REIMBURSED.

**By Submitting this application, you are agreeing to our terms**

If interested in adopting one of our puppies (or being put on a waiting list) you MUST fill out the ENTIRE APPLICATION WITH HONEST ANSWERS. Once you submit your application, you may go to the "Waiting List" page (for future litters) OR the Nursery page (to reserve a current puppy) to place your deposit through PayPal or you can use a credit/debit card if you do not have a PayPal account (4% Fee Applies), so the deposit will be $208 total. PUPPIES ARE CHOSEN IN THE ORDER APPROVED APPLICATIONS/DEPOSITS ARE RECEIVED. Your application WILL NOT be considered without a deposit sent with it. SERIOUS inquires ONLY! 


NOTE: ALL puppies are sold as pets ONLY, on spay/neuter contract!