Ky Country Doodles

Future Litters:

If interested in a future litter of Goldendoodles, we do have a Waiting List for serious buyers ONLY. You can find more information about our future litters under the "Nursery" Tab.  Once we have a confirmed pregnancy, the information for that litter will be posted on the Upcoming litters page. If you decide you are ready to adopt a new family member from a future litter, a Puppy Application AND a $200 deposit are required to be placed on our waiting list. (NOTE: Applications without deposits will not be processed & vice versa) 

Our Visiting Policy:

Many times people ask, "Can we visit your facility, dogs and puppies before placing a deposit?"  "We're still deciding on a breed and would like to spend time with the puppies to decide which breed is best for us."  There are breeders who will allow you to do just that and they'll tell you to be aware of breeders who don't. My opinion is to be aware of breeders who will allow anyone to visit.  It's kind of like saying that you are thinking about having a child and would like to hang out in the hospital nursery if that's ok.  The answer would be no.  Why?  It's far too risky.  Parvo Virus is always the main concern, along with canine distemper, kennel cough or canine flu.  Unless you plan to treat your driveway, sidewalk, lawn and house after every visitor, you are risking exposing your dogs, pups and grounds to Parvo which if untreated, can live up to 1 year on any surface in the warmest and coldest of temperatures and in the ground for 7 years.  The mortality rate for a puppy exposed to Parvo is 86%.  Let's say that you reserved a puppy that was a few weeks old and we allowed visitors in and out and your puppy was exposed to Parvo because of a generous visiting policy.  How would you feel if we had to call you to tell you that you can not pick up your puppy because it has been exposed to Parvo and more than likely will not survive?  To allow anyone to visit would greatly increase the amount of traffic on our property which in turn, would greatly increase health risks to our puppies.  This is just not something that we are willing to compromise on.  There are many families who understand and appreciate our policy as it keeps their puppy better protected until it is old enough to leave us and join their family.  If you are not happy with this policy, feel free to find another breeder.  As a breeder, the safety and health of our puppies and dogs is our number one priority... Serious buyers are welcome ONLY AFTER puppies have their 1st set of shots minimum & vet checked on their "Pickup date" located on the Nursery page for that litter.   **If we have unvaccinated puppies at our home- NO VISITORS will be allowed here for their safety!**


I do not prefer to board because I believe it deprives the puppy of that crucial bonding time with their new family. BUT If you absolutely can not make arrangements to pick up your puppy on the pick-up dates given, we may board yourGoldendoodle for you ONLY if we are available to do so. You must discuss with us at least 2 weeks in advance. A $10 per day boarding fee is charged for the care for the dog which is due to be paid in full when you pick up your pup. No exceptions. We will board our Goldendoodles for a maximum of no more than 2 weeks ONLY if our schedule allows (which is not often). DO NOT RESERVE A PUPPY THEN TELL ME YOU CAN NOT PICK UP ON READY DATE OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT! THAT IS VERY DISRESPECTFUL AND PUTS ME IN A BIND AND DEPRIVES THE PUPPY FROM THE CRUCIAL BONDING TIME WITH THEIR NEW FOREVER FAMILY. THAT IS A DISCUSSION THAT MUST TO BE ADDRESSED BEFORE PLACING  A DEPOSIT/APPLICATION. 


When placing a NON- refundable deposit, we now only accept PayPal or can email you a link to pay with a credit/debit card if you do not have a PayPal account. They do charge 4%, so the deposit will technically be $208. But the great thing about PayPal is that your deposit is instantly there and you do not have to worry about someone else getting the puppy you want to reserve. Deposits on available puppies will NOT be refunded for any reason, so please be sure of your decision before you commit to one of our babies! You also need to make sure you can pick up the puppy on the date they will be ready for their new homes! The pick-up date for that litter will be posted on the nursery page with the pics of available puppies once they are born, so you will have plenty of time to plan ahead. If you place a deposit and can not pickup on the "ready date", your puppy will be posted back up for sale and you will forfeit your deposit. Deposits are ONLY for reserving that special puppy until their "ready date". No later. **Your deposit WILL go towards the total purchase price of the puppy.** 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

We mainly raise Standard F1 Goldendoodle Puppies:  The mother is a AKC Golden Retriever and father is an AKC Standard Poodle. We do have occasional litters of F1B (F1 Goldendoodle bred back to Standard Poodle). Our standard goldendoodles are generally between 55-65lbs at maturity (depending on parents size). All of our puppies are born and raised indoors and trained on potty pads. Upon Leaving, they will be started on potty training (weather permitting) and have their 1st shots, dewormed, Vet checked, 1 year health guarantee, Spay/neuter & return contract!


Eating Habits:

All of our puppies are started out eating Diamond Puppy food- in a purple bag. I STRONGLY suggest buying the same food as to not make them sick. If you would like to switch them to another type of food, mix the new food in SLOWLY, giving them more of the new food & less of the Purina each time. This usually takes 7-10 days if done properly. My puppies have constant food/water here all throughout the day. They are growing babies and I believe they should be able to eat as much as they think they need. I put the food/water down when I get up and take the food/water back up 3 hours before bedtime (so it helps them not have to potty so much in the night).

Puppy Pics:

I have a very busy life with my 2-legged & 4-legged kids, so I try to take pictures of the puppies at least every 2 weeks so you can watch them grow. The first set of  individual pics are usually posted on my website of available puppies (if there are any) when the puppies are 1 week old, then every 2wks after that. If you have a puppy reserved, I will email the new pic(s) of your puppy directly to your email each time. The remaining available puppies pictures will then be posted on my website. Once a puppy is reserved, I remove it from my website so not to get people confused as to which puppies are available.

Current litters: If you find that special friend and want to reserve him/her, an application and $200 (non-refundable) deposit are required. This deposit ensures that we will hold the "chosen" puppy for you until they are ready for their new homes. To be fair to everyone, each available puppy will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis (to approved homes) and NO puppy will be held without a deposit. The deposit is a guarantee that the buyer will complete the purchase when the puppy is ready for pickup. No later. The $200 deposit goes toward the total purchase price. Please keep in mind, Deposits will not be refunded to families that change their minds after reserving a puppy which removes that puppy as available, has caused us to tell families that the puppy is no longer available because you have reserved it and as a result, leaves us far less time to find a suitable quality home for that puppy.​  


All of our puppies must be picked up, as we do not ship. The pickup date for the available litter will be posted on the nursery page once the puppies are born, so you should be able to plan well in advance for pick up. When picking up your puppy, the remaining balance must be paid with CASH ONLY. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not bring the remaining amount due in cash, you will NOT leave with the puppy. Within a week of the litters "Pickup date" I will contact everyone that has deposits on that litter and start making appointments for puppy pickup via email or phone. I do not take appointments before 11am Central Standard time, due to all the time needed to get the puppies ready for their new homes. I can usually take appointments from 11am-7pm CENTRAL standard time daily, unless stated otherwise. 

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Reservation for Available puppies: